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[stm_spacing sm_spacing=”80px”][stm_title title_tag=”h2″ sep_enable=”true” title=”Head teacher’s Welcome” sep_css=”margin-bottom:51px;” sep_margin_b=”51px”][/stm_title][stm_testimonials stm_testimonial_type=”single_static” enable_cite_customization=”true” testimonial_text=”” testimonial_cite=”Mrs Joanna McQuaid, Principal” cite_space_top=”30px”]As head teacher wish you a very warm welcome to our school! We are at the heart of the community and we have succeeded in providing many families an excellent education delivered by exceptional teachers.

Judged as a good school by parents, our achievements can be seen through rapid improvements in education. We are also making key strides towards creating the school which makes a significant difference to the community we serve and that provides opportunities for all our pupils.[/stm_testimonials][stm_spacing sm_spacing=”80px” xs_spacing=”80px”]

[stm_title title_tag=”h3″ sep_enable=”true” title=”Mission” sep_margin_b=”41px”][/stm_title]
  • To equip young men and women with necessary academic knowledge and practical skills that should make them productive individuals.
  • To offer quality education that intends to develop young Tanzanians to become critical, self-reflective and who value humanity and respect National values.
  • To inculcate the culture and strong sense of ambition and determination among young Tanzanians, inspire and equip them with leadership skills and attitude.
  • To contribute towards the development of education in the country.
[stm_title title_tag=”h3″ sep_enable=”true” title=”FAQ” sep_margin_b=”50px”][/stm_title]

Transport service is available in all parts of Dar Es Salaam

Accommodation is available for pupils who live out of Dar Es Salaam and other who need it.

Our school has full security including security guard,CCTV cameras and competent teachers.

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